Thursday, February 5, 2009

Malaysian Malay Women And Emigration!

I was bitterly disappointed when I read the local newspapers today that a total of 106,000 Malaysians had given up their citizenships between 1996 and April 2007. No… no… I’m not sad because they are leaving Malaysia or anything. I’m sad and disappointed because the number is smaller than I had expected! :)

According to the statistics released by the Malaysian Home Affairs Ministry, 70% or 79,100 of them are Malays, 25,107 are Chinese, 1,347 are Indians and the remaining numbers are some other minority Malaysian ethnic races. So far the top five destinations for our lucky Malaysians are US, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia. Indonesia! Wow! Malaysians would be instant millionaires if they carry all their Malaysian ringgit there! I gave my friend in the Home Affairs Ministry a call earlier today to confirm something and the answer that she gave me confirmed it! Majority of the Malays that left the country are women!

Maybe our Malaysian Malay women left this so called wonderful country because they are married to some foreigners. Either way around, I really envy them! Way to go Malaysian Malay women! I’m not ashamed to admit here today that I too do harbor some kind of hope that one day I would be able leave this country and start a new life some place else. Maybe I would go to UK and even perhaps Ireland. That’s me of course. :)

The government is playing down this matter as usual. One thing that they did not disclose to the press is the fact that every year the number of Malaysians giving up their citizenships is on the sharp rise! Why is this happening in the first place?

Simple and I don’t want to waste too much of your time explaining. Malaysia was a wonderful place to stay in the past, maybe in the 70s and early 80s. But today, Malaysia is a living hell full with political, economic and social messes and disasters. The ever increasing costs of living are simply unbearable for most unfortunate Malaysians. We are practically beggars in our own country!

By the way; if you too harbor some hopes of migrating to some other countries and later give up your Malaysian citizenship in the future, you have to consider the warning that the Malaysian Home Affairs Ministry have given today. If you give up your Malaysian citizenship, you can never get it back ever again! What a rule that was! Sounds a bit draconian, isn’t it? No wonder more and more Malaysians are leaving the country. :)

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